My Life As A Seed

I bought some seeds the other day in anticipation of the spring.  I have spent this past winter drawing out plans for where I wanted to plant seeds in my back yard and I’m about ready to put those plans in action.  This morning, looking out my window I became impressed with how much my life right now resembles the life of my seed.

A seed, when looked at out of the package, does not show it’s full potential without some help from me.  I imagine if the seed could talk it might complain about being shoved into the dark ground.  Not knowing the damp, dark place was the only way that strong roots

would begin to develop, the little seedling that doesn’t trust I have his best outcome in my plan may pout or complain or even refuse to let the urgings to put out roots take hold.  For that little seedling, the full potential of what he could become is held back not by me but by himself.  The seedlings that are willing to trust me may not see the extra care I am taking of them while they are buried under the dirt, but I am making sure that predators are kept away and that the seedling is getting the nourishment it needs to be resilient to disease from within or storms that might try to break it.

Eventually, when the time is right and strong roots have been put down, the little seedling begins to emerge.  Soon a beautiful flower will be exhibited with intricate petals and brilliant colors.  The seedling that soaked up the nutrients I gave it while it was in the dark and put out strong roots will be the brightest, biggest bloom in the garden.  It will be seen for what it is, a beautiful creation that was nurtured and loved by someone so that it’s full potential is now evident.  This little seed that has now bloomed will provide beauty to everyone around it, nourishment to the insects and birds that feed from it, and might even help other plantings around it become resilient to pests that might otherwise have destroyed them.

How closely I resemble that little seed.  Right now I am in a season of planting.  I’m not sure I really like being shoved in the dirt and I certainly can’t see all that God is doing in my life, but I trust that He is protecting me from harm and He is providing the nutrients I need to so that when my time comes to do what God has called me to do and be what He has called me to be I can be resilient to storms and disease-free.  I trust that God will help me to grow into my identity.  Like the seedling my job is to soak up the nourishment from God’s Word and in relationship with Him so that I can use this season of my life to plant strong roots.

I am certain that when my time comes, if I am like the trusting seedling who has trusted and laid down strong roots, I will bloom – not into a “new” me, but into a better version of me – a version that more closely resembles the creation God intended me to be.  If I bloom as God is nurturing me to, I can’t help but reflect the beauty of my Creator!

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