Why this blog?

Bascially, I like to read.  And since my fam gifted me with a Barnes & Noble Nook Color, I REALLY read.  I not only love reading books, I love to share what I thought about the book.  So, even if no one ever reads this blog it is my own historical view of books I have read.  I plan to have “guest” reviewers (i.e. my friends) write reviews as well and I will do my best to provide links to the authors that I think are worth following.

Oh yea, I like to write so from time to time there may be some random blog about something.  Why?  Because my mind is very random and it needs a place to go.

And one final reason for a blog, I like new recipes.  And I like telling people about new recipes, so I need a place to do that.

So if you are a fan of books, recipes, or total randomness feel free to follow my blog.  Updates daily (unless I get a better offer for the day).

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